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 CPD Telemarketing Training Course

Unlock the secrets and profits from Telemarketing and Telesales with our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) approved and certified training course!

Accredited Marketing provides Telemarketing and Telesales training to companies through interactive workshops, online courses and in-house training for both teams and one-to-one coaching and training.

All workshops, online courses and in-house training are run by Charlotte Greenman (Managing Director of Accredited Marketing Ltd).  Charlotte has a passion for Telemarketing and has over 20 years experience of daily telemarketing covering a wide variety of industries such as IT, Printing, Telecoms, Financial Services, Insurance, Pensions, HR, Recruitment and many more.

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Both Charlotte Greenman (professional telemarketing trainer) and this Telemarketing and Telesales training course is CPD approved and certified which means that an external assessment has been carried out and it enables all delegates to gain CPD points towards their qualifications.

CPD certification guarantees a structured approach to learning to ensure competence to practice, taking in knowledge, skills and practical experience.

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To help you get the most out of your telemarketing activities, we have developed a series of 4 comprehensive modules covering all aspects of Telemarketing; right from how to plan and start your campaign through to script writing (including how to get past the gatekeeper), handling objections and how to create Clients for Life (including how to keep in touch effectively).

We show you how to master cold calling and the fundamental areas required to carry out successful Telemarketing/Telesales campaigns.  Topics include:

  • How to write Winning Scripts (including cold calling, appointment making and lead generation)

  • How to handle Gatekeepers 

  • How to handle Objections

  • How to get and gain Motivation and Confidence 

  • and much more

We can design and provide courses for teams, small groups or even one-to-one coaching and training.

The benefits of Telemarketing Training

The benefits of using Accredited Marketing to provide telemarketing and telesales training include:

  • Experience – we have over 20 years of telemarketing experience to share with you
  • Convenience – training times can be suited to your diary and schedule
  • Value for money – typical lower cost per delegate plus reduced travel time and costs
  • Tailored – adapting the course to your industry and specific needs
  • Flexible – adapting the content, delivery style and pace to suit your needs
  • Confidential – delegates can discuss specific examples and clients in confidence
  • Team Building – staff from different departments and teams work together to share experiences
  • Confidence – staff may feel less intimidated when learning with colleagues
  • Fun – interactive, creative and held in a relaxed, familiar environment

Our training courses can be half day, full day or a number of days depending on your requirements. The courses are available for one-to-one training right through to teams and groups. It could even be a mixture of the two where we provide a group training course and then one-to-one training to each of the individuals afterwards to maximise their potential or to make it relevant to their individual job role.

How does it work?

Initially we carry out an assessment with you to ensure we understand your requirements, both from the business objectives and the individual needs of the delegates. We then design a course to meet these needs and arrange a suitable time to deliver the course.

A sample of topics that can be included in the training include:

  • How to plan and write a winning script
  • How to handle and get past gatekeepers
  • How to handle objections and turn them into positive buying signals
  • How to structure a telemarketing campaign
  • How to cope with ‘rejection’ and gain/maintain motivation
  • How to build confidence on the phone and use it to your advantage
  • How and when to ask for the sale
  • How to make the appointment, the next steps and follow up effectively
  • How to remain compliant and not get a potential £255,000 fine
  • How to create a pipeline of opportunities
  • How to effectively keep in touch to generate sales
  • How to create a Client for Life programme
  • How to effectively nurture leads and enquiries to generate sales

Obviously these are just a small sample of the topics which are incorporated in the training. Through discussions with you and completion of a pre-training questionnaire, we will ensure that all your requirements are included and accomplished.

Contact us now for more details and to discuss how we can Open new doors for your business!

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