I run 5 one-day ONLINE training workshops covering Marketing to Attract Local ClientsEasy and Effective Sales Techniques, How to Sell More and Work Less (Sales Training), Optimise Your Social Media Profiles to Attract Clients and Digital Marketing to Generate Sales.  I wondered if you’d like to join me?  The courses are CPD* certified and Barclays Bank approved and will teach you how to generate quality leads, create clients and join up your marketing, sales and Social Media activities to make creating clients for life easier and quicker.

These courses are going to show you all the steps, hints, tips and ways to generate clients for free or with little investment and effort as well as produce huge rewards and a consistent stream of ideal clients.

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Below is an overview of each of the workshops:

Marketing to Attract Local Clients – One Day Workshop

Attend this Marketing Training Course to learn how to successfully attract, find and connect with your ideal clients.

Emphasis will be on strategies and techniques to target and engage with local prospects (both residential and businesses).

    • Marketing Strategies – evaluate the many choices and decide where best to focus your efforts
    • Create your step by step marketing strategy
    • Advertising and Promotional methods – get your message in front of your target market
    • Analyse and choose the most effective lead generation methods for your business
    • The difference between marketing Products and marketing Services
    • Find out the 8 Effective and Proven Steps to Creating Clients for Life
    • Target market – define your target market and who to sell to
    • Unique Selling Point (USP) – define your uniqueness and stand out from the crowd
    • Message – what is your story? Get this across in a precise and succinct way
    • Bio and Introductions – write them to use on your website, marketing materials and when networking
    • Keywords and Key Phrases – get them right for your target market and search engines
    • Be clear about your offering so people ‘get it’ and want it
    • And much more!

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Easy and Effective Sales Techniques – One Day Workshop

In this Barclays Bank approved course you’ll learn How to Generate Leads, Create Productive Sales Conversations  (not pitches) and Maximise All Opportunities.

This simple and introduction to Sales Training Course maps out your customer journey and sales process as well as showing you easy-to-implement sales techniques to dramatically increase your prospect to client conversion rates.

Rest assured it is not the traditional ‘hard sales’ methods or mindset. It focuses on specific frameworks and techniques to easily create sales using win-win scenarios and building long-term relationships which in turn creates Clients for Life.

Everyone hates giving and receiving a sales pitch, so I teach you what to say/write at each stage (right from the beginning of someone doing a Google search for your product or service) so that you end up having an ‘effective conversation’ and not a ‘sales pitch’ with the potential customer.

During the training, we map out your customers’ journey and your sales process to optimise every interaction (and plug the holes where you currently lose prospects).

Topics include:

  • Understand the sales cycle and how to use it to generate more sales
  • Map your sales process to make it easier for prospects and clients to buy from you
  • Learn when to use discounts and offers to sell more
  • How to sell to your target market without sounding salesy
  • Create your water-tight sales funnel to convert more enquiries into clients
  • How to use the buyer and decision-making process to your advantage
  • Effective communication in sales (Inbound, Outbound and Face to Face)
  • Using the telephone confidently to generate enquiries and sales
  • Overcoming all objections
  • How to consistently get past Gatekeepers and receptionists
  • Close more sales without ‘selling’ and feeling awkward
  • And much more!

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How to Sell More and Work Less – One Day Workshop

Making small yet effective changes to your sales activities makes a huge improvement to both profit margins and productivity. It enables you to make more sales quickly, easily and with less effort.

Attend this sales training course to create and map out your client journey, improve your sales conversion rates and learn how to sell more for less effort.

  • Create an effective client’s journey – from how they find you to closing the sale
  • Use up-selling, down-selling and cross-selling to effortlessly close more sales
  • Package your products and services – easy ways increase your customer spend and loyalty
  • Discover online tools to streamline and automate some of your sales activities
  • Learn how to integrate sales and marketing activities to make more sales
  • Create a sales pipeline to ensure future sales
  • Write and implement a simple 5 step sales plan that works
  • Negotiating techniques – face to face and on the telephone
  • Long term relationships in sales & how to keep in touch effectively
  • Competitor analysis and how to pitch your product/service against theirs to win more sales
  • And much more!

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Optimising Your Social Media Profiles to Attract Clients – One Day Workshop

Your social media profiles can be your online sales force 24/7 but only if they are optimised to be found and they give the right message.

Take the time within this social media training workshop to actually sign in and optimise your social media profiles to ensure you attract your ideal clients and convert them into a steady stream of enquiries and sales.

  • Find out which social media platforms are best for your business (review of the top platforms)
  • Focus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Optimise your Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles (bring your laptop/phone/tablet to update your profiles live on the day)
  • Know where to place your keywords and message to attract your ideal clients
  • Understand Facebook insights (the bits you need to know)
  • When and how to effectively use Stories
  • Create a content strategy and plan
  • Implement and manage a content strategy
  • Find out what content your audience wants to read and share
  • And much more!

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Digital Marketing to Generate Sales – One Day Social Media Workshop

Learn how you can use social media, Google, your website and online activities to easily generate and automate a steady stream of enquiries and sales to make your efforts fruitful and profitable!

Increase your organic search rankings to successfully compete online.

Find out how to integrate a digital marketing strategy into your marketing activities to enhance results.

This Digital Marketing and Social Media Training course is suitable for complete beginners right up to advanced.

  • Digital Marketing Strategies – how to use Social Media to generate leads, sales and Create Clients for Life
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO, PPC) – What is it and how to benefit from it
  • Local SEO and Digital strategies that work
  • Using Google analytics to grow your business (just the bits you need to know)
  • The truth about algorithms and how to use them to your advantage
  • Blogs and how they can increase traffic
  • Keyword and Content Strategies
  • Learn effective ways to increase visitors to your website and blog
  • Quick wins to get results fast
  • Best practices and what works
  • How to set up and be successful using Google and Facebook ads (and without spending a fortune!)
  • Free software to know who visits your website and how to capitalise on that
  • Effective ways to convert online enquiries into sales and clients
  • And much more!

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All workshops dates above are delivered virtually/online and include CPD* certificate, workbooks and a recording of the training.

Please visit any of the links underneath each course to book your place.

There will be limited spaces to ensure individual attention and on a first-come, first-served basis.

You’re welcome to book on individual courses or all 5.  By attending all 5, it will enable you to join up your Marketing, Sales and Social Media to make creating local clients for life easier and quicker.

Any questions or to book your place, please contact me by email: contactus@accreditedmarketing.com/.

Thanks,  Charlotte.

About Charlotte Greenman

I specialise in helping you generate leads with your ideal clients and show you how to connect and sell to them without being salesy so that you create a steady stream of clients for life who don’t buy on price and willingly give referrals.

That’s everything from finding and reaching your target market, packaging your products and services to make them irresistible and getting your message clear right through to using your social media profiles and website to generate free leads and closing sales more effectively.

In addition, I can also show your team how to boost their sales figures and beat their targets by enhancing their telemarketing knowledge, improving their cold calling skills, developing their ability to get past gatekeepers and enabling them to make more qualified appointments with fewer calls.

Together with my 2:1 Honours Degree in Business Management (with International Business Management) and Diploma of Vocational Education, I have 27+ years of experience and hindsight in sales, marketing and lead generation and I’m a CPD (Continuing Professional Development*) certified Trainer, Presenter and Speaker.  I’m happy to share all my knowledge with you.

Charlotte Greenman – Managing Director

CPD Certified Trainer, Presenter and Speaker