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Hi, my name is Charlotte Greenman and I show business owners and sales professionals how to convert more telephone conversations into qualified appointments, sales and loyal clients.

About Charlotte Greenman - Accredited Marketing - CPD approved Telemarketing and Telesales Training -Online and Onsite - Lead Generation


My passion and interest is telemarketing, or cold calling: talking to people over the phone to generate leads and appointments. I’ve been telemarketing for over 20 years and making appointments in many industry sectors including coaching, marketing, stationery, IT products and support, finance, HR, printing, signage, manufacturing and many more.



I am a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) registered trainer, presenter and speaker.

I set up Accredited Marketing in 2007 after being made redundant from my telemarketing job. I was fortunate enough to get a full diary of clients within the first week of starting. I had work from my previous company on an outsourced basis and also some new clients that I’d acquired through cold calling for myself.

But it didn’t take long before my clients were telling me that the appointments I was making weren’t converting that well or that the prospect hadn’t even turned up! This was a complete shock to me. None of the sales guys in my old job had mentioned anything to me so I was assuming what I was saying and doing was working really well!

As you can imagine, this worried me. I started to panic and worry that my clients weren’t happy and might even leave me!

So in a true, traditional English way… I sat down with a cup of tea and tried to work out what was going wrong.

I saw the problem immediately. I had been using typical traditional cold calling scripts – the scripts that I’d been taught. They were all focussed on getting the appointment and they were very good at doing that. And getting the appointment was all that was literally required too. I can remember the sales guys (and some of my clients) saying to me: “Do what you have to do to get me in there and I’ll be able to sell to them. Just get me in the door”. And I know this is still the logic most sales people use and teach today.

But here’s the thing. Those scripts might be great at getting the appointment. Yes, I might have been making lots of appointments and getting brownie points for that, but many people were saying yes just to get me off the phone or were pressured into saying yes knowing full well they wouldn’t be attending or buying. That’s because those scripts aren’t any good at getting what is really needed: a qualified appointment with genuine buy-in from the prospect.

I knew then that I had to drastically change the script, approach and method I was using. I needed to stop thinking about making appointments just to get the sales person in there to sell anything no matter what. I needed to turn things around and come up with a completely new, smart and genuine way to make appointments that the prospect was looking forward to and where there would be a win-win outcome for both prospect and sales person.

My solution was a breath of fresh air and a revelation and I kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner. You see, the ultimate goal for any business is to create loyal clients for life that provide repeat business and willingly give referrals, so why not use this as the goal of every call? That’s so important I’m going to say it again: the ultimate goal for any business is to create loyal clients for life that provide repeat business and willingly give referrals, so why not use this as the goal of every call? We all know and believe in the mantra that people do business with people they know, like and trust. That mantra should start from the very first phone conversation, not when you turn up for the first appointment.

With this realisation in mind I completely transformed my scripts, approach and methods so that creating a client for life was the ultimate goal for every call. I started using this new formula and the conversion rates for the appointments I made for my clients sky rocketed – literally! They immediately saw their customer acquisition costs plummet, their repeat business and referral figures take off and their profits dramatically rise. As well as creating clients for life for them I was also creating clients for life for me!

Because this formula was so successful, I couldn’t wait to share it. I started training sales people and business owners on how to generate clients for life using the telephone. This obviously created a massive buzz and an influx of genuine, loyal clients for the delegates but it also created another problem for me. I have people enquiring about my course from all over the UK, in fact, from all over the world. But the travel and logistics were too often a problem, so they were missing out. The solution was simple. Turn my winning telemarketing training formula into an online course so it can be accessed worldwide at any time and at an affordable rate! And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

It’s been an amazing journey and I’m so pleased that I can finally help you get the results you want, need and deserve. If you want to generate unlimited loyal clients for life using the telephone whilst generating bigger and more dependable profits in your business, then take a look at my telemarketing training course. It’s called ‘Set Your Cold Calling on Fire!’ – and it will!

It’s Continuing Professional Development certified and Barclays Bank approved and you automatically get one year’s access which is available on-demand 24/7 so you can learn at your own pace and at your convenience but if you wanted to, the course can be completed in a little as six days so you could get it all completed and up and running by this time next week!  And if that isn’t enough? You also get three one hour 1-2-1 telephone sessions personally with me.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please click the product link below and it will take you to the course details and a way to join me to make your telemarketing and cold calling work for you.

Set Your Cold Calling on Fire Online Telemarketing, Telesales and Appointment Making Training Course CPD certified


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