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Dedicated time to focus on Lead Generation, Marketing, Sales and Social Media issues and start Creating Clients for YOUR Business


  • Do you need more clients but not sure how to get them?

  • Do you do social media posts and marketing but you don’t get enough responses or sales?

  • Do you have lots of interest but struggle to convert them into clients?

  • Do you have goals and not sure how to achieve them effectively?

  • Do you want repeat business so you reduce the pressure to find new clients all the time?

Yes? Then book a strategy session with me, Charlotte Greenman, a business owner and expert in Lead Generation, Marketing, Sales and Social Media.  I will generate ideas, inspire, create plans and answer your questions.

My strategy sessions and consultancy services are available onsite and Worldwide via Zoom/Skype.  I am happy to share all of my 24+ years of hindsight, experience and knowledge with you!

I have been using Accredited Marketing for some 3 years now for advice and general support of my business. Charlotte understood my business model very quickly and has given me sound advice and information about options to promote my business. Conversations and meetings both by telephone and face to face have been available as and when required relatively quickly. Charlotte is a good person to have on your team, her work is well thought through and is backed by years of experience. I will continue to use Accredited Marketing in support of my business.
Christina Strang

Ghost Tree

I booked a 1-2-1 session with her to help me explore my ideal customer base further and to look at ways to reach them more effectively. Charlotte took the time to listen and understand my business and to find out where I had issues. She then began to brainstorm new avenues to try and gave me practical tips on how to go about it. I recommend her highly to anyone looking at help with strategic planning or advice, tips and inspiration on how to run their business.
Rachel Shilston

Inspiring Creativity

I offer a range of topics within my consultancy, training, brainstorming and strategy sessions.  You may pick and choose from the list below, work through the whole list or let me know what challenges you are facing at the moment and I can provide ideas, solutions and answers.

An example of some of the topics that can be covered in any Consultancy, Training, Workshop, Brainstorming or Strategy Session (feel free to mix and match!):

Marketing Consultancy:

  • Writing your winning elevator pitch and message
  • Identifying your target market, where to find them and how to connect and sell to them
  • Defining your unique selling point (USP) and how to capitalise on it
  • Acknowledging your business’s and your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and how to use them in your marketing and sales messages
  • Writing your story to help people connect with you
  • What Products and Services should you offer based on your focus and target market
  • What are the Features and Benefits of the Products and Services you are offering
  • Understanding Symptoms v’s Problems and how to use it to your advantage to create clients
  • What packages and offers could you create to make it easier for prospects to say yes
  • Creating a list of value added products and services to help negotiations and close more sales
  • Discover the top lead generation methods which are right for your business
  • How to focus on the top 5 lead generation methods that suit your business and target market (including which social media platforms to use)

Social Media Consultancy and Online Sales Advice:

  • Review your website and it’s lead generation status
  • How to get onto page 1 of Google
  • Learn how to plan and create interesting articles, content, copy and blog posts that people want to read
  • Learn how to start engaging your audience on social media
  • How to encourage your social media audience to comment and share your content
  • Find out who reads what on your social media platforms to tailor your posts (including best times to post)
  • Hints, tips and tricks to encourage your readers to share your content
  • Resources (many are free) to help you manage, monitor and streamline your lead generation and business activities
  • Learn the best way to build lists to increase your contacts
  • Learn how to use lists to increase a loyal following, engagement and sales 
  • Design your sales pages to turn your website visitors and readers into followers, leads, enquiries, sales and clients
  • Optimising and completing your profiles on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • How to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to generate leads and conversations
  • Hints and tips to use the best hashtags and groups to increase shares, likes and posts

Sales Consultancy and Lead Generation Advice (and all without sounding salesy!):

  • How to make more qualified appointments with fewer calls
  • Telemarketing and Telesales skills to improve results
  • How to use ethical selling methods
  • How to easily get past Gatekeepers and PA’s
  • How to write winning Scripts 
  • Appointment Making made easy and effective
  • How to introduce yourself and build rapport
  • How to revive old contacts and enquiries
  • How to overcome objections such as price, already have a supplier and not interested
  • How to become and stay motivated and not feel rejected
  • Up Selling, Cross Selling and Down Selling
  • How to Keep in Touch effectively
  • How to adapt and grow your business


Marketing Consultancy, Sales Consultancy or Social Media Consultancy?

Like my training courses, I can tailor and adapt all my consultancy sessions to suit your requirements whether you are starting a business, a sole trader or right up to a large international company. Pick and choose from the topics above to create tailored consultations and strategy sessions, or, let me know what your challenges are and I can create a solution to solve them and help you improve your marketing, sales and social media results.  Each session is available onsite or online. Either way, they are interactive with time to apply the learning and ask questions throughout if required, or I can literally teach you and advise you so that you get the most from the session and implement when back in the office in your own time.

All of the advice is CPD* certified.


Are you asking yourself… How do I grow my business?

I’d love to help you and show you how you can easily and affordably grow your business, so feel free to book a no obligation chat with me to discuss your requirements and explore how we could work together.  Please click here to use my online calendar to book a free call; that way you’ll ensure you have my undivided attention for 30 minutes and I’m not dashing into another meeting or out delivering a training course!

As always, I am happy to share all of my hindsight, experience and knowledge with you!

I look forward to hearing from you, Charlotte.

(to find out more about me, please see my bio at the bottom of this web page or click here to read my full story on the About page)

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About Charlotte Greenman

I specialise in helping you generate leads with your ideal clients and show you how to connect and sell to them without being salesy so that you create a steady stream of clients for life who don’t buy on price and willingly give referrals.

That’s everything from finding and reaching your target market, packaging your products and services to make them irresistible and getting your message clear right through to using your social media profiles and website to generate free leads and closing sales more effectively.

In addition, I can also show you and your team how to boost their sales figures and beat their targets by enhancing their telemarketing knowledge, improving their cold calling skills, developing their ability to get past gatekeepers and enabling them to make more qualified appointments with fewer calls.

Together with my 2:1 Honours Degree in Business Management (with International Business Management) and Diploma of Vocational Education, I have over 27 years of experience and hindsight in sales, marketing and lead generation and I’m a CPD (Continuing Professional Development*) certified Trainer, Presenter and Speaker.

Feel free to read more about me and my story on my About Page.

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I’m happy to share all my knowledge with you and work in the UK and Internationally via Skype/Zoom.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Charlotte Greenman – Managing Director

CPD Certified Trainer, Presenter and Speaker

My Strategy Sessions and Consultancy services can be combined with any of my Marketing, Sales and Social Media Training courses.  All of which are CPD certified and in addition, the Sales Training courses are also Barclays Bank approved.  To find out more and explore how we can work together, click here to book a no obligation, 30-minute complimentary call with me.