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With all telemarketing and telesales campaigns, there will need to be a strategic plan of action to follow, not only to determine what you want as an outcome, but also how that outcome will be achieved.

Whether you already carry out telemarketing and telesales activities or are just about to start, you will know what you ultimately want to achieve but may not know the most effective and efficient route to get there.

Accredited Marketing works with business at this Strategic level to help plan, design and implement an effective telemarketing and telesales campaigns.  This can be from the beginning of a campaign or as a review/audit to improve existing and future campaigns.

Many businesses often embark on telemarketing campaigns without effective structured plans and processes in place designed by an experienced Telemarketer, so the effort being generated by the telemarketing staff is not being fully utilised and capitalised on.

Making adjustments and changes based on experience and knowledge can make a huge difference in both quantity and quality of results.  This in turn improves sales and ultimately profits.  These changes could be at any point in the campaign and include changes to the script right through to using the best time scales for calling and follow ups.

Charlotte Greenman (Managing Director of Accredited Marketing Ltd) has been successfully designing, running and implementing telemarketing campaigns for businesses for over 20 years.

Through our Consultancy and VIP Coaching service, Charlotte will work with you to either set up a new campaign if required, or review your existing campaigns to make those all important adjustments and changes to increase results.

A sample of areas covered for both new and existing campaigns include:

  • How to set up a Telemarketing/Telesales campaign?
  • How to plan a Telemarketing/Telesales campaign?
  • What marketing collateral is required to support the campaign?
  • What are realistic telemarketing/telesales results?
  • Who is your target market and why?
  • What time frames are best when calling and following up?
  • What is the best way to keep in touch and nurture leads?
  • How to effectively incorporate other marketing activities
  • How to monitor and measure results and know when to make changes
  • How to improve results (existing and ongoing)
  • How to get past more gatekeepers and deal with objections
  • How to remain compliant and legal at all times
  • How to effectively record results
  • And many more…

If you are just starting, we can work with you from the beginning and design a complete telemarketing or telesales campaign.  This can be for both large and small companies and campaigns.  We have put campaigns in place for ‘one man (woman!) bands’ right up to large international multi million pound companies.

The campaign will be tailored to your requirements and also work within your company’s resources.  For example, if you do not have a newsletter or large array of marketing materials, we can adapt the campaign to accommodate this.

Similarly, if you carry out lots of marketing activities such as mailshots, exhibitions and regular newsletters, we will incorporate these into the campaign and adapt the message and timings to make the most of your marketing activities.

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